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...bring good tidings to the afflicted up the broken hearted

...proclaim liberty to captives and the opening up of prison to those who are bound.

...Isaiah 61:1

Art of Pastoral Care

Empowering and teaching Pastoral Care Specialists since 1972

On hiatus as of 2014, The Art of Pastoral Care (AoPC) is undergoing an update for the needs of today. This class has introduced people to the Healing Presence within them that they might be empowered to extend compassionate care to others for more than 30 years in the D.C. metro region.

The purpose of AoPC is to instruct and empower caregivers in the art of pastoral care and presence; to empower and prepare people to provide pastoral care ministry competently and compassionately; to equip pastoral caregivers to work professionally and collegially with parish clergy and Chaplains and as resources within the community.

The AoPC course is an experiential method of learning new pastoral care skills and enhancing those skills that may already exist within the student. It emphasizes in depth listening skills and the concept of simple presence. Some of its key elements include:

  • Reflective Listening
  • Learn about 'being' versus 'doing'
  • Learn how to respond to the crises in the lives of others
  • Learn to overcome that sense of being overwhelmed by another person's emotional needs
  • Pastoral and Theological foundations of caregiving.

Begun as a process whereby lay congregants could respond to the needs of their congregation during the sabbatical of their clergy leader, AoPC helped restore an historic ministry to the laity.

  • It has taught basic listening skills in a way that allows students to 'hear' the feelings of others with all of their senses.
  • AoPC encourages and facilitates within each student a clearer understanding about their identity as pastoral caregivers and how life experiences and significant relationships inform their emotional and spiritual identity as caregivers
  • It allows for the skills taught in class to be practiced within the classroom for use in outside relationships, congregations, hospitals, nursing homes.

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